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Kit – Trademark registration


Please note that you must have researched the availability of the name or logo that you wish to trademark, before purchasing this kit. We can provide this research with our Kit made for that purpose.


A trademark is a word, a group of words, a drawing and/or a distinctive sign allowing a business or a person to make their products and services stand out from those already on the market or those coming on the market. Trademark registration with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office gives you, for a renewable period of 15 years, an exclusive right to use it and protects your trademark from being used by a third party in Canada.


This kit provides:

  • The preparation
  • The filing
  • The administrative fees
  • Correspondence with the registrar following up on the filing of the trademark
  • The certificate of registration

You can choose to deposit either a name and/or a logo.


The fees do not include:

  • Arguments in response to an examiner’s report (by objection).

Registration of an American trademark: on demand (starting at 1 250$ + taxes)

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