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Kit – Incorporation of Business


Incorporation is a crucial stage in the life of your business. It allows you to create a separate entity from yourself. Incorporation can be federal or provincial. Once incorporated, the new company should arm itself with a shareholders’ agreement in order to regulate the business relations between shareholders.


This kit includes:

  • Statute and certificate of incorporation
  • Digital minutes book (Organizing resolutions and regulations)
  • Share capital (8 class)
  • Governmental fees
  • A validation of the documents by our lawyers at Dunton Rainville, as provided for in our mandate.

This kit is made for a company with at most 5 shareholders.

For non Canadian residents, please contact us.

Type of incorporation *

Custom name *

The personalized corporate name gives you the right to register the legal name that you wish to give to your company, ex: ABCD inc. If you do not want a personalized corporate name, then, the government will automatically provide you with a digital name, ex: 1234-4321 Quebec inc.

Minutes book *

Intellectual Property (IP) transfer agreement – Founders. *

The IP transfer agreement allows the transmission of the ownership of the IP belonging to the founder of the corporation to the latter (logo, computer code, all the work of creation and content done up until now, etc.). This agreement is very useful to protect your company’s interests and to guarantee the stability of its activities.

Mandate *

By working with Lex Start, you mandate the law firm Dunton Rainville to review your documents.

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